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Workshops Offered
Session 1: Conflict Management & Resolution

Conflict in the workplace, and everyday life, is a natural outcome of having individuals with different wants collaborate together toward joint outcomes. When we avoid conflict, it is often with the mistaken assumption that conflict will lead to deterioration and rupture in relationships. Often, the opposite is true. Avoiding conflict leads to resentment and not addressing crucial differences, which over time necessitates a breakdown in relationships. Healthy conflict, though it leaves us momentarily feeling vulnerable, can aid in getting to know each other better, and can bring us closer together and better able to achieve joint outcomes. In this session, participants will learn key skills of healthy conflict – setting healthy boundaries, the ability to listen to others’ core wants, being able to process one’s own and de-escalate others, finding a path toward a resolution, and relationship ‘repair’.


  • Participants will learn what constitutes healthy and unhealthy conflict,
  • Participants will understand the importance of conflict in maintaining healthy relationships,
  • Participants will learn how to establish healthy boundaries prior to the conflict,
  • Participants will learn how to listen fully, without inner mental ‘noise,’
  • Participants will learn how to process emotions, and de-escalate the emotions of others,
  • Participants will learn how relationship ‘repair’ happens following a conflict.



Participants are asked to reflect on a recent interpersonal conflict they have had over the last year and describe it in a paragraph, which they will keep to themselves. The paragraph should include what the conflict was about, how the participant felt during it, and what the outcome was. Participants should bring this paragraph to the session, so they can refer to it (privately) as they learn various principles of conflict resolution.

Maja Djikic, PhD, picture
Maja Djikic, PhD,
Session 2: Providing Effective Feedback

**This session will not be recorded**
This interactive workshop will set the foundation for your ability to engage with greater confidence in giving and receiving feedback more effectively.

At work and in your personal life, how you have interpreted and reacted to feedback has influenced your identity. It has influenced to some extent how you see yourself, choices you have made, how you engage in the world, and how you interact with others. Now, think about how the feedback you have shared has been interpreted and influenced others!

Unpacking Feedback

  • definition matters
  • the power of purpose
  • focus on you & them

Explore the value of 3 C’s

  • character
  • competencies
  • commitment

The Power of Prep

  • best practices explored
  • practice, practice. practice

Now What?

  • develop an action plan
Kanina Blanchard, PHD picture
Kanina Blanchard, PHD
Session 3: Addressing Toxic Workplace Culture

How have you experienced toxic workplace culture? Conflict in meetings? Micromanagement? Gossip? Join this interactive workshop to explore organizational issues that compromise healthy workplace environments. Leave equipped with tools to identify practices, policies, and mindsets that contribute to toxic workplaces, and strategies to intercept and address it.

Dr. Rachel La Touche picture
Dr. Rachel La Touche
Session 4: Leading with confidence

Participants will take part in a virtual 90min interactive session on the topic of leading and presenting with confidence.  Participants will be provided with tips and techniques to public speaking, strategies to having a voice, being confident around the table, presenting with confidence and understand the various skill sets that are key development areas.  Participants will be provided with pre and post session activities to further anchor learning and practical application skills.   

Susan Richardson picture
Susan Richardson
Session 5: Senior Leaders Panel

A panel of senior leaders will discuss their personal career trajectories and how they have reached their level of success. Gain insights from these esteemed speakers, and learn tips and tricks that can be applied to your career progression. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from, and network with, some senior leaders in the industry.


Hannah Smerek, Director, Commodities, National Bank of Canada


  • Ayanna Dick, Director & Head, Canadian Corporate Access, RBC Capital Markets
  • Rieshdah Gabier, Director, Buisness Development & People, Firepower Capital 
  • Deborah Grosdanis, Finance Professional
  • Priya Radha, Managing Director and Head, Government Solutions Group, CIBC
Hannah Smerek picture
Hannah Smerek
Priya Radha picture
Priya Radha
Rieshdah Gabier picture
Rieshdah Gabier
Ayanna Dick picture
Ayanna Dick
Deborah Grosdanis picture
Deborah Grosdanis

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